i want to serve

  • SMALL GROUP LEADER: Interested in being a RUSH small group leader?  We'd love to hear more about you.  Please fill out our new leader questionnaire and send to Christina Katsma.  We look forward to hearing from you.  
  • MEDIA: Have a talent for technology? We would love to chat with you about how you could use your talents on Wednesday nights! 
  • WELCOME TEAM: Our welcome team greets students at the door, gets them checked into the computers, and directs them to where they need to go. 
  • CAFE RUSH: Cafe RUSH is available before RUSH on Wednesday nights, as a place for leaders to connect individually with their students. People who serve here will sell pizza, snack, drinks, etc. to leaders and students.  
  • CHILDCARE:  Childcare is available during RUSH on Wednesday nights for our small group leaders.  If you have a love for children, we'd love to have you use your gifts and talents in this serving role.  
  • SAFETY TEAM: Our safety team is responsible for making sure RUSH is a safe place for our students, as well as for our leaders.  

If you are interested in hearing more about being a small group leader, please contact Christina Katsma via email or at 920-694-1552.   For all other serving roles, please contact Mary Graves via email or at 920-694-1552.